All fabrics, buttons, pattern-making,
sewing and finishing are made and done
using the highest techniques of Japanese craftsmanship.


From Kanako’s grand father’s name “KIKUO”, who had been a great cobbler.

Hope to be a documentary brand by Kanako and her grand father.

KICS DOCUMENT. has centered itself as a shirt-based label.It has a variety of basic to playful designs under its slogan:”Shirts that are the major player in your style”.

ITEMS: Shirt / Knit / Cut & Sewn

・K An initial of KICS DOCUMENT.

Hope to our earnest production will behonored and Japanese craftsmenhold a prestigious position.

Logical constranction anddesigning are core idea of KICS DOCUMENT. / KHONOROGICA.

KHONOROGICA has centered itself as a high-end, outer and pants-based label of KICS DOCUMENT.
It is based on tailoring method whereas it includes cutting edge techniques and creation in its production.

ITEMS: Shirt / Pants / Jacket / Coat


My source of inspiration is my grandfather’s shoe studio and store.
My grandfather, who was a shoe craftsman, worked hard and silently everyday.
He was surrounded by many tools and wooden forms which were in his tiny studio.
The store was about 20㎡ including his work space which was also my playground where the smell of leather, shoe polish and pine resin drifted.
There was only one chair in his store.
Our neighborhood’s regular customer would come in and have a seat on this chair.
My grandfather would then repair them and shoeshine while making small talk.
My quiet grandfather did this best to talk to his customer as part of giving hospitality.
Once my grandfather had finished his work and our customer had finished talking, my grandfather handed back his customer’s freshly cleaned shiny shoes,
which seemed to look brand new. This was always the highlight of my day.
I loved seeing the visitor’s smile when they saw their polished shoes
from the gap of the back door.
Every customer who visited my grandfather and ask him to repair their shoes
continued to visit him time and again until their shoes were finally beyond repair.
In Japan, there are a lot of craftsman’s techniques to be proud of abroad.
It is an important thing which must not be wiped out by any means.
This is the concept that I wanted to include in my products so that’s why I created this brand.
Each piece of clothing is made with great care to make you feel comfortable.
My desire is to expand the works of Japanese craftsmanship by promoting
Japan’s traditional and original apparel making skills and techniques in fashion design.
My hope is that my brand can serve as a stepping stone to pass this down
to future generations of craftsman.


Kanako Takeishi

Graduated Nihon University College of Art Industrial design course.
Learned fashion business and men’s tailoring at F.I.T (Fashion Institute of New York,
State University of New York) , interned at the NY branch of big Italian brand and
worked with a stylist as an assistant.
After returning to Japan, she gained a great deal of experienceas
a men’s wear designer and a creative director at several companies.
Started her own brand “KICS DOCUMENT.” with “All Made in Japan” as theme in 2012.
Assures Japan’s traditional and original apparel making skills, techniques in fashion design and
mentality of craftsman through her experience of working in both foreign countries and Japan.
The purpose of KICS DOCUMENT. is to serve as a stepping stone to pass down her knowledgeand
experience to future generations of craftsman. She hopes to disseminate her design and
philosophy not only in Japan, but also widely across to the world.
The features of all pieces are ergonomic design with 3D pattern making
and the all processes are done in Japan.


Pattern maker

Despite it being a brand for men, I chose Yukiko Arai, the female pattern maker,
because she is very detailed and unique. She is especially good
at making three-dimensional patterns and patterns for men’s suits.

About Fabric

Most of the fabric in our collections are completely original by Kanako and made in Japan.
We designed them with big attention to quality and comfort.
We carefully selected three weavers for each design and characteristic.

The factory for SHIRT fabric
(Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture)
They make most of the fabric for KICS
in Hamamatsu city, which is the most famous
area for cotton woven cloth.
It has been preserved in making high-quality
fabric for fashion industry by their stable product
control. It is one of the most important partners
to develop our original fabric.
Hamamatsu city is at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Since water
from Mt. Fuji is very clean, this area has developed
as a major production area of cotton woven cloth.

The factory for PANTS fabric-
(Minami city, Osaka prefecture)
They are famous for woven
cloth especially linen and
cotton. They are not only good
at weaving, but also dye, washing
and special finishing, and
always try to create interesting
and new fabric. They have
excellent techniques to make
unique textures.

The factory for JACKET fabric-
(Ichinomiya city, Aichi prefecture)
Ichinomiya is the biggest area of
mills in Japan. This woolen factory is also one of
weaving mills. the great woolen
Nowadays, they work positively
to develop not only wool fabrics,
but also cotton and silk fabrics.
They come up with fresh idea,
they utilize techniques because acquired from designing wool

About Factory

We confidently chose one of the greatest factories in Fukushima, in advanced technologies for shirts in Japan.

They started a small factory in 1968 in a part of prefectural park. They never put anything
before good quality in their 45years history. Government ministries and specialized
agencies have given many prizes to this factory is prove to be excellent in quality.
Their strong points are detailed and careful work, and deal with complicated sewing skillfully.
They also contribute to the creation of employment in Fukushima
which hire a hundred-forty employees.
We, KICS DOCUMENT / KHONOROGICA , feel big pleasure to support them,
as same as they support our production with fill efforts.


Kics Document. Atelier Shop

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